Selenium 3.0 Webinar

In case you missed it, here is the Selenium 3.0 Webinar: The very first code for Selenium RC was pushed in November 2004. The first code for WebDriver was released in January 2007. Selenium 2.0 shipped in July 2011. In 2016, the Selenium Project is working hard to (finally!) ship 3.0. Watch this webinar with […]

All Angles Covered

Well a lot of angles covered anyway. As I have a Mac at home and a Win8 PC in work I will be posting examples and tips from both setups. Hopefully it will be a fairly balanced approach. In work I’ll be using WebDriver with the C# programming language, Visual Studio 2013 and NUnit. From […]

Choosing your flavour of WebDriver

Deciding to write tests with WebDriver is only half the battle, you still need to pick a programming language, and possibly a test framework also. Most of the examples that I will be posting will be using C# and NUnit, but for the most part it should still be readable and easy to transfer to […]

WebDriver for Beginners

The reason I am starting this blog is to provide information for people who are new to WebDriver. When I started writing tests with WebDriver I found it very difficult to find information for beginners. Just the basics to begin with, how to get a test up and running before adding any of the fancy […]