WebDriver v2.46 Released

The latest version of Selenium WebDriver, 2.46.0 has been released. You can grt the direct link for the downloads for the Selenium Server and the Java and C# bindings below. The changelogs for each, as well as other language bindings can be found on the Selenium Downloads page Downloads: Selenium Server 2.46.0 Java 2.46.0 C# […]

Selenium Conf 2015

The Selenium Conf 2015 is happening September 8-10 in Portland, Oregon and there are a limited number of early bird tickets available on sale now. For further details see the Selenium Conf 2015 website @ seleniumconf.org. The venue for the conference is Hilton Portland & Executive Tower 921 SW 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97204 (503) […]

Ignoring IE Driver Zoom Requirement

Many times I have kicked off an automated test using InternetExplorerDriver() only for it to crash straight away as the zoom was not set to 100%. (Why is this required, it makes no sense to me). Previously the only way I could get around this was to open a new window of Internet Explorer, reset […]

Selenium 2.45 .Net Release Notes

Here are the release notes from the Selenium 2.45 .Net bindings, which were not available online at the time of the release Supports native events for Firefox versions 31 (current ESR), and 24 (immediately previous ESR). Native event support has been discontinued for versions of Firefox later than 33 Removed automatic installation of SafariDriver extention […]

Selenium WebDriver 2.45.0 released

The latest version of Selenium WebDriver, 2.45.0 has been released. While the changelog has not been updated for this release for the C# language bindings, the changelog has been updated for Java, Ruby, Python and Node.js. Hopefully we will see an updated changelog for C# soon. Downloads: Selenium Server 2.45.0 Java 2.45.0 C# 2.45.0

Getting Browser Details in WebDriver

While not a major requirement getting the browser name and version could come in useful in test reports. Use the following code snippet to get the browser name and version: [code] ICapabilities cap = ((RemoteWebDriver)driver).Capabilities; string strBrowserName = cap.BrowserName; string strBrowserVersion = cap.Version; Console.WriteLine(“Testing on Browser {0} v{1}”, strBrowserName, strBrowserVersion); [/code]

Checking a checkbox with WebDriver

For something as simple as checking a checkbox you would think that all the different browser drivers would implement this in the same way. But sadly this is not the case. Firefox expects that you click on a checkbox to check or uncheck it whereas both the IEDriver and ChromeDriver expect you to type a […]

Testing Circus – December 2014 Edition

Software Testing Magazine – Testing Circus December 2014 Edition is out. This is the 51st edition of this software testing magazine. Download a free copy of Testing Circus December 2014 Edition, read, share with testers. Some awesome stories in this edition: Interview with Anna Royzman by Srinivas Kadiyala Four Simple Steps to Becoming the Best […]

Selenium Hangout #6

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASVqZPN3j7k] Agenda 01:35 – 9:45 W3C Update 11:23 – 16:00 Selenium 3 Status Update 16:05 – 17:10 Marionette (FirefoxdDiver rewrite) testing help 17:20 – 19:27 ChemistryKit rewrite 17:28 – 20:24 Visual Testing Part 1 20:25 – 23:47 Selenium Guidebook in Java! 23:52 – 29:51 Visual Testing Part 2 For More details see the Official Selenium […]