WebDriver v2.46 Released

The latest version of Selenium WebDriver, 2.46.0 has been released. You can grt the direct link for the downloads for the Selenium Server and the Java and C# bindings below. The changelogs for each, as well as other language bindings can be found on the Selenium Downloads page Downloads: Selenium Server 2.46.0 Java 2.46.0 C# […]

Selenium Conf 2015

The Selenium Conf 2015 is happening September 8-10 in Portland, Oregon and there are a limited number of early bird tickets available on sale now. For further details see the Selenium Conf 2015 website @ seleniumconf.org. The venue for the conference is Hilton Portland & Executive Tower 921 SW 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97204 (503) […]