Selenium 2.45 .Net Release Notes

Here are the release notes from the Selenium 2.45 .Net bindings, which were not available online at the time of the release

  • Supports native events for Firefox versions 31 (current ESR), and 24 (immediately previous ESR). Native event support has been discontinued for versions of Firefox later than 33
  • Removed automatic installation of SafariDriver extention for .NET. From this point forward, users are expected to manually install the SafariDriver extension into their Safari installation in order to drive the browser. This is due to Apple’s changes in architecture for Safari extensions.
  • Added initial implementation of .NET bindings OperaDriver. The .NET bindings will now support the Chromium-based Opera driver without requiring the use of the Java remote WebDriver server. This driver will work with Opera 26 and above, and requires the download of the Opera driver executable. Code cleanup and refactoring will take place under a separate commit. Note that there is still no support in the .NET bindings for the Presto-based Opera without using the remote server, nor is there likely to be.
  • Added option to not delete anonymous Firefox profile in .NET. This change adds an option to the .NET FirefoxProfile class so that the driver will not delete the anonymous profile created by the driver. Since the driver cannot and should not use an existing profile in situ because of the multiple instance automation case, this change means that modifications applied to the anonymous profile can be retained and used in future anonymous profiles. The implication is that the user can now make modifications to a profile, and retain those profile modifications (e.g., cookies) into other future profiles, simulating persistent changes over multiple browser launches. Fixes issue #7374.
  • Introduced type safe option in InternetExplorerOptions to set the capability to disable check of mime type of the document when setting cookies. When setting cookies, there is a check in the IE driver to validate that the page in the browser is, in fact, an HTML page. Despite the fact that omitting this check can cause unrecoverable crashes in the driver, there is demand for a mechanism to disable this check for older, legacy versions of Internet Explorer. Fixes issue #1227.

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