Testing Circus – December 2014 Edition

Software Testing Magazine – Testing Circus December 2014 Edition is out. This is the 51st edition of this software testing magazine. Download a free copy of Testing Circus December 2014 Edition, read, share with testers.

Some awesome stories in this edition:

  • Interview with Anna Royzman by Srinivas Kadiyala
  • Four Simple Steps to Becoming the Best Tester – Mike Talks
  • Mobile Testing: How Do I Start to Learn? – Jean Ann Harrison
  • Assumptions in Testing – Jyothi Rangaiah
  • Five Lessons for Effective Communications – Raj Subramanian
  • Unfolding of A/B Testing – Venkat Ramesh Atigadda
  • Taking Care of Critical Bugs in Prior to Production Launch – Ravi Kumar BN
  • Testing Events Around the World
  • Tester’s Astrology 2015
  • Book Worm’s Corner
  • A Fake Tester’s Diary by Fake Software Tester
  • Testers to Follow
  • Learn programming to build a strong report – Santhosh Tuppad
  • Blazemeter Version 3.0 Supports Selenium Testing
  • NeoSense Enables Synthetic Monitoring
  • MobileCloud Customers Can Use Jenkins Plugin

Click here to download your free December 2014 Edition of Testing Circus.

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