Basic C# NUnit Test Setup

This post will outline the basic structure of how to setup your C# NUnit test. First of all here is the code of the basic empty C# NUnit test file. I’ll explain all of the different parts below.
namespace MyWebDriverTest
public class Class1
public void TestCase01()


The two attributes [TestFixture] and [Test] are used by the NUnit Framework to indicate that there are tests to be executed. The [TestFixture] attributes is used by NUnit to indicate that the class contains test code. This class must be public and must also have a default constructor. The [Test] attribute indicates that the method is a test method. Test methods have to return a void and also must have no parameters.

Everything else is standard C# code for defining a class and a method.

This is the basic setup for a C# NUnit WebDriver test, and we will use this a s starting point for more in-depth tests in later posts.

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