Specflow has lost its bindings

Recently, I re-cloned the Repo but when I opened the project in Visual Studio, it could not find any of the Specflow bindings. What I found even stranger is that the tests ran perfectly. So how do you get your Specflow Bindings back? Solution: Close Visual Studio. Go to your temp folder and delete the […]

Selenium Conference 2020

Let’s be honest, it’s been a tough year for conferences everywhere, so we are super excited to present Selenium Conf 2020 in September. It will be the only official Selenium conference anywhere this year and you guessed it, it’ll be a virtual event. The move online means this can be a truly global gathering Selenium enthusiasts. Before the main […]

SeleniumConf is coming to Chicago

SeleniumConf Chicago is a two-day conference for test automation professionals on October 18 & 19 preceded by a full day of workshops on October 17. You can look forward to inspiring and practical talks, in-depth Selenium training workshops, fantastic networking opportunities in the ‘hallway track’, and so much more. This year’s official SeleniumConf in the US is taking […]

New Headless Chrome Browser available for Selenium Webdriver

Google have released a new headless version of their Chrome browser which can be used for testing with Selenium Webdriver. Read this post on Friendly tester for more details: New Headless Chrome With Selenium WebDriver. Also Google Developers site has a Getting Started page for those who wish to use the new headless chrome browser […]

Selenium 3.0 Webinar

In case you missed it, here is the Selenium 3.0 Webinar: The very first code for Selenium RC was pushed in November 2004. The first code for WebDriver was released in January 2007. Selenium 2.0 shipped in July 2011. In 2016, the Selenium Project is working hard to (finally!) ship 3.0. Watch this webinar with […]

WebDriver 2.48 Released

The latest version of Selenium WebDriver, 2.48 has been released. You can get the direct link for the downloads for the Selenium Server and the Java and C# bindings below. The changelogs for each, as well as other language bindings can be found on the Selenium Downloads page Downloads: Selenium Server 2.48.2 Java 2.48.2 C# […]